Dr. Frederico Branco
Dr. Frederico Branco

Frederico Branco, born in Porto, early on expressed his taste for Medicine, when his interview was published in JN after a workout at the stadium of the Constituição in 1988 for FC Porto, heart's club and  which regularly collaborates, where he stated that "One day would be a doctor".

A human being of strong and deep convictions, find in medicine a way of seeing the world: "alone I'm going faster, but together we will further". Fan of multidisciplinary teams, where each team member performs the your role with great professionalism, is full of specialty in urology ruggedness with regard to patient approach, being female being male, in oncological diseases or not oncology. See More

Despite being convinced of the growing power facilitator that new technologies offer came, is a staunch follower of close relationship and the trust relationship between Doctor-Patient.

Putting always highlighted the importance of the Patient throughout the therapeutic process, is keen to stress that everyone must exercise an active role and dynamic in your course,however the protagonist of all the recovery will undoubtedly be the Patient, flanked by all medical staff, nursing, assistants, anyway to all who contribute to the success of the patient!

Perfectionist personality, is on medicine and Urology a way to add quality of life to patients who daily seek him, arguing that life must be lived always with pleasure! 

Most important, more than Patients, treats people. And that's the look! On a Sick, see a unique, and not another one.

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